So you want to set up a training centre! Here are 5 things you can do to ensure it all goes as smoothly as possible… 

1. Prepare for a process! 

If you’re totally new to education and training, there is a lot to do before you’ll be ready to open your centre. It’s not an impossible task by any stretch of the imagination, but you’ll need your Award in Education and Training as a minimum – and most awarding bodies will want you to also hold your Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement at the point of application. Once those are under your belt, it’s time to find the perfect awarding body for you, your sector and your business. 
The time it takes to apply for an an awarding body can vary between organisations and sectors. You might find yourself set up within a month! However it could take a lot longer. Some awarding bodies want to see full schemes of work and resources before they approve you. Writing these is a massive task. Again, not impossible! But they do take time and you may want the help and support of another education and training professional. Especially if you’re still running your day to day business. 
Whatever your set up, don’t make promises to potential learners about dates they can start to study with you as there may be delays that you can’t do anything about. 

2. Open your mind to new ideas! 

What works for one business doesn’t always work for another. Just because someone else is running courses in a certain way, it doesn’t mean your training centre will work in that way too. If you’re working with a consultant to help set up your training centre, this person should be completely impartial. They will work with you to find the right solutions for your individual circumstances, budget and requirements. Sometimes this won’t be exactly what you were expecting. But those ideas could lead to something even bigger and better! 

3. Save save save! 

While it is possible to estimate how much centre set-up is going to cost, there are almost always additional costs. Even if you enter into a payment plan for your education and training qualifications, this is likely to need to be paid off before you can receive your certificates, which you’ll definitely need when you apply to become a training centre! Awarding bodies vary in their costs: some can be less than £500 to apply but others can be well over £1000 at the point of application. Most charge for each certificate you claim for and then there are yearly accreditation fees. These are unlikely to be offered on any sort of payment plan and not having money ready will delay your process. 
Are you writing your own courses or paying for a professional course author? Course writing is a skill and a well-structured programme will not only result in happy students and repeat business but also a far smoother quality assurance process when you come to claim for your students’ certificates. Writing services vary in price too and many course authors will want a minimum of 50% of their fee up front. 

4. Find your certificates! 

If you want to set up a training centre, your new awarding body will want to see that you hold qualifications in your industry. Normally they will want you to have a qualification at least one level higher than the one(s) you want to deliver and/or assess. So if you want to deliver level 2 qualifications then you’ll need to hold level 3 yourself. Get your certificates ready as soon as you can! If you have lost them, you should be able to order replacements from the original awarding body you gained them with: these can cost anything from £25-45. 

5. Get support! 

We at SKL Training have written some useful blogs that give lots of free information about setting up your training centre here, here and here. Our consultancy and course writing service is bespoke to you so that you can pick the elements that you need to suit your budget and requirements. We get to know you, your business and your plans and support you to realise them. Whoever you go to for support, make sure they’re trustworthy with good reviews
Wishing you all the best with your training centre set up! 
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