If you’re reading this, you may be considering setting up your business as a training centre. If you haven’t already read our Blog So You Want To Set Up A Training Centre, we suggest you do this now as it has some really useful hints and tips about the types of things you’ll need to consider before you do. 
One of the first questions we at SKL Training are asked when businesses approach us for centre set-up consultancy or just some basic help and support is how much is it going to cost? 
Every business is different! It may be that you already have the knowledge and qualifications you need to get set up as a training centre or you may be starting from scratch. 
Let’s say you’re starting from scratch. 
If you want to train others, you need a minimum of a level 3 teaching/training qualification. The Level 3 Award in Education and Training – or AET - is the ideal one for this as it covers all of the basics and you can complete it quickly and easily. At SKL Training we have ten different ways you can complete an Education and Training qualification and one of them includes a no-homework option! Everything is done in the classroom/Zoom sessions, which means you’ll get your Level 3 Award in Education and Training with zero hassle. 
If you’re seriously considering running full qualifications from your centre then you will also need the assessor qualification, which is called the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement – or CAVA. 
We offer AET and CAVA as a combined course, again making the process quick and easy for busy people. 
You’re likely to want to offer your potential students something different to other providers. If that’s the case, you should be considering writing your own resources and designing your own courses because that will set you apart from others. 
SKL Training’s course design workshop will take you through all aspects of course design including: 
• Working with different learning styles 
• Writing assessments 
• Making presentations 
• Course design from scratch 
• Working to set criteria 
• Content creation 
• Workbook or resource design 
• Using icebreakers 
• Any other topic relating to course design and writing 
By this point, you’ll have the knowledge you need to teach, assess, design and build the courses you want to offer in your business. You’ll also have been working closely with your tutor, Sarah, who will also be your centre set-up consultant. 
SKL Training’s centre set-up consultancy service covers any or all of these elements: 
• Advice and guidance on your idea 
• Developing your idea 
• Business planning 
• Marketing 
• Writing resources  
• Social media 
• Finding an awarding body 
• Business set-up 
• Your website 
SKL Training will work with you to ensure you have everything in place for your centre-set up – whatever it is that you need. 
Sometimes things take longer than any of us expects. For that reason, we’ve put together a Centre Set-Up package that includes everything you need for centre set-up but the consultancy element is flexible. We think you’ll love what we do when we work with you on your qualifications and we want you to feel that you can call on us for support when you need us. 
Your Centre Set-Up package includes: 
Advice and guidance with training expert 
Fact finding and research to find your perfect awarding body 
All communications with awarding body 
Applying for awarding body 
Support during awarding body approval process 
Preparation for centre opening 
Aftercare service 
SKL Training’s basic Centre Set-Up package is available currently for £2000

Could I do this by myself? 

Yes, you probably could. And maybe it would work out cheaper. 
Say you value your time at £50 per hour. Even without the TWO qualifications for TWO people plus the course design and PowerPoint workshops for TWO people, £5000 is 100 hours of your work. Setting up your business as a training centre is likely to take more than 100 of your hours to do, especially if you also factor in research and writing time, conversations with Awarding Bodies and due diligence. 
Between them, the consultants at SKL Training have almost 40 years’ experience in: 
• Teaching and training 
• Special educational needs 
• Retail 
• Supported living 
• Youth work 
• Banking 
• Recruitment 
• HR 
• Writing 
• Charity 
We have worked with multiple businesses to set them up as training centres and we know what is required and what needs to happen. You can concentrate on running your business while we work to take your business to its next stage. 
For more information about how this could work for you – Please complete our application form and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Please note that we cannot provide free advice in this conversation. All free advice is available in this blog.  
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