If you were planning to upgrade your teaching qualification to level 5 this year, you might be better to wait as something new is coming! Here's what we know so far.  
To align with evolving educational practices and requirements, the Diploma in Education and Training (DET) Level 5 qualification is set to be phased out from September 2024.  
Replacing it is the Diploma in Teaching (Further Education and Skills) Level 5+, which, for now, is using DiT as its working title.  
Phasing out of DET 
The DET Level 5 qualification, respected and recognised by colleges and other organisations, is approaching its final phase. From September 2024 onwards, the DET will be replaced by the DiT qualification. This transition is part of an effort to align teaching qualifications with changing educational needs and practices. 
Introduction of DiT 
The Diploma in Teaching (Further Education and Skills) Level 5+, or DiT, is the successor to the DET qualification. DiT has been designed to equip teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in teaching in further education and skills settings. 
Key Features of the DiT Qualification 
1. Placement hours 
The DiT qualification asks learners to complete 250 hours on placement. This includes 150 teaching hours with learners aged 14+ and 100 hours dedicated to other duties, such as meetings and continuing professional development (CPD). 
2. Virtual teaching 
Learners will engage in 20 hours of virtual teaching, adding a new dimension to the teaching experience that many of us are seeing more of since the pandemic!  
3. Observations 
Throughout the DiT qualification, learners will undergo 10 observations, each conducted with groups of at least 10 learners. These observations will provide valuable feedback and support for growth as a teacher. 
4. Mentorship 
DiT students will require the support of two mentors. One will be a subject specialist, while the other will provide pastoral support. This is a major change from what we saw in DET.  
5. Entry requirements 
Level 2 qualifications in Maths and English are now mandatory for DiT students. 
6. Eligibility for public funding 
The Department for Education (DfE) has confirmed that qualifications created under the DiT framework will be eligible to receive public funding, subject to the completion of required processes with the Student Loans Company, starting from 1st September 2024. This is good news! 
8. Minimum core 
Unlike for the current level 4 and 5 teaching qualifications, DiT qualification does not include the Minimum Core.  
Will The EMG be offering DiT? 
We don't know yet. At the point of writing, this information has only just been released. If our awarding body, AIM Qualifications, offers DiT, we will certainly be offering it!  
As always, as soon as we have any further information, we will make sure you have it too.  
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