In light of recent global events, we at SKL Training have taken the opportunity to review our terms and conditions. While previously we did not give any deadline dates on our courses – classroom or distance learning – we are now introducing completion dates for all learners on all courses. 
Why are we introducing completion dates? 
Deadline dates give you something solid to work towards. We know how challenging it can be to study alongside work, family and general life commitments because we’ve done it ourselves. With no completion date, it is easy to let your qualification fall by the wayside, especially if it isn’t an essential requirement for your role or something you particularly want to do. Many of our learners have told us that they work more effectively if they have a deadline. 
Like you, we want you to achieve your qualification
Plus, we now have a large number of learners and far more courses available than we did this time two years ago. We offer a maximum 48-hour marking turnaround time on all assessments so that all students receive timely feedback on each assessment they have completed. This turnaround time is only possible if students send one piece of work in at a time and if we manage all courses to complete within specific timescales. 
Qualifications do not and should not stay static for long. For example, we have been made aware that there may be a change to the qualification specification for the Award in Education and Training later this year, which means that we will need to make changes to our course as a result. It won’t affect your qualification if you’re working on that now, nor will you need to update anything if you complete before your completion date; however as time goes on, if you don’t complete then some of the assessments in your pack may not be valid anymore. These are not changes that we are making: they are from the awarding body. Changes to qualifications ensure that what you’re studying is totally up to date and we see them very much as a positive element of working with a forward-thinking awarding body. 
What does this mean for you? 
We are in the process of contacting all of our students who are working towards qualifications. If you haven’t yet heard from us about your completion date, you will very soon. 
The email you get will have a completion date that is just for you
We will not hassle or chase you to complete your work, nor will we send reminders before this date. 
Please note that we accept one piece of work at a time and you need to wait for feedback before sending your next piece. This ensures that we can stick to the maximum 48-hour marking turnaround time that we promise to all students. We cannot, for example, accept all pieces of work for assessment on your completion date. 
What do you need to do if you can’t meet your deadline date? 
Please just talk to us! You can call, text, email or social media DM us. We want you to achieve: we don’t want to put pressure on any of our students. What we want is reasonable completion times and we want to work with you on that. You’ve paid for the course, so we want you to get what you paid for! 
If you exceed your completion date with no contact, or if too many assessments are outstanding, we may need to charge an additional fee. If the course has changed, you may need to purchase the whole course again. Please communicate with us to avoid this happening. 
If you bought the course but it isn’t right for you, what are your options? 
We offer most of our courses in a variety of ways, including face-to-face group and one-to-one sessions, FaceTime/Zoom sessions, no-homework options (on some courses) and combined distance and classroom versions. Distance learning is the lowest-cost option because it includes the least amount of tutor contact. All other options incur additional charges and we can give you a full breakdown of your options if you would like to discuss. 
What happens if we don’t hear from you? 
Once your completion date passes, we will simply archive your file and if you choose to take up a course with us in the future, you will need to repurchase it. 
Many thanks – please do get in touch with any questions or with your next assessment. 
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