The Importance of Market Research Before Setting Up Your Training Centre 
Setting up a training centre can be an exciting venture. It’s one of the most popular services we offer at the Education Management Group! 
Before diving headfirst into the process, however, it's super important to ask yourself a fundamental question: 
Is there any need? 
Is there any need for your centre? 
Is there any need for the qualifications you want to offer? 
If you’re already an established business owner with a good reputation, which most organisations we work with are when they embark on training centre set-up, it’s likely you carried out some market research before starting your business. You probably asked yourself who else was doing what you wanted to do in your area, found out how much they charged and how they got their customer leads. 
But this is a step that so many business owners forget about when they are looking to diversify their business to become a training centre. 
Market research plays a vital role in determining the demand for your training programmes and ensuring the sustainability of your centre in the long run. 
When we speak to business owners at the start of their centre set-up project, we always ask them why they want to become a training centre. Often the answer is “people have asked us to train them in what we do”. 
But what does this mean? Who has asked you? How many people? What happens when you’ve trained those people? Where are the next set of learners coming from? And the set after that? What opportunities for growth are there? Do the people who are asking you for training have the pre-requisites needed for them to do the courses you want to offer? Are those people willing to wait for the time it will take you to set up as a centre (because realistically we are looking at a minimum of 6 months)? And – importantly – will they be willing to put their money where their mouths are? They may want to train with you, but can they afford to? And if they can, how can you make the quality of your courses good value for money for them without giving them away? 
When considering setting up a training centre, you must be aware of who else is offering similar qualifications in your industry. Research your competitors and identify their customer base. Who are they using as their awarding body? What costs do they have to pay on a yearly or ad hoc basis? What will make your training programmes stand out? Is there a specific niche or innovative approach you can offer? Understanding the current market landscape will enable you to position your centre effectively. 
The education and training industry is ever-evolving, with new requirements, regulations and trends emerging all the time. To ensure the relevance of your qualifications, you have to keep up to date with awarding body standards. Research industry trends, consult relevant organisations and attend conferences, networking or other CPD (continuing professional development) events. By staying informed, you can adapt your training programmes to meet the changing needs of the industry and attract a steady flow of learners. 
Key takeaway: 
Before embarking on your training centre set-up project, take the time to thoroughly conduct market research. Understand the competition, identify your unique selling points, and stay up to date with industry requirements. You’ll be better equipped to meet the needs of your target audience and establish a sustainable and successful training centre. 
Sustainability is the key to long-term success and market research is your guide to achieving this. 
If you have any questions or would like project management for your training centre set-up, contact us at The Education Management Group (The EMG). 
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