The Level 3 Award in Education and Training (AET) is our most popular course. It’s the qualification you need if you want to teach in a college, the NHS, armed forces, some schools and academies, your workplace… lots of different places will value your Award. 
Although there are lots of sign-ups and classroom sessions are always very well received with fantastic reviews, some students take many months to complete their course. There are 14 assessments in the classroom version of AET and, often, we complete up to three of them in the sessions, which leaves 11 to do at home/work. Two of them are really quick questions and answers, requiring less than 100 words per answer and one of them is planned in the session, so it’s a case of just typing it up. 
So why does it take some people so long to complete? 
1. Their workplace hasn’t given them time to do the homework. They have seen a course advertised and thought that, because it’s a 4 day course, everything is done in 4 days. 
2. Life happens. Most of our learners are in full time work, have lives outside of work and the classroom and are simply too busy or exhausted to complete 14 (or 11!) assessments when they get home. 
3. Homework doesn’t suit their learning style. Some students have the knowledge but find it difficult, time consuming and downright painful to sit at a laptop and type up answers to things they have demonstrated their knowledge in during the classroom sessions. 
It’s almost never that they can’t be bothered or they aren’t capable. Most people can be bothered and most people are more than capable of achieving this level 3 qualification. 
From 2020, we are offering a version of AET with no homework. It’s the same qualification with all of the same criteria hit but we’ve condensed the assessments, made it more practical and made the days slightly longer so that you complete all of your work in the sessions. This means, by the end of your course, you have finished. As we have direct claim status (which means we can get your certificate as soon as we have assessed your file), you’ll get your certificate in your hands a matter of days after completion
We are still offering AET in distance learning format and our original classroom format (where you do the assessments at home/work and just the learning in the classroom): the idea is that you learn in a way that suits you. 
This option is more expensive than other versions of the Award in Education and Training that you might see advertised and here’s why: 
1. You get more tutor time: your tutor is with you for the whole time and will support you with all of the assessments. 
2. You get priority marking: there is no waiting for your assessment results. You’ll have these on the day. 
3. Groups are small: This is so that every person on the course gets individual attention. 
So, to complete the Award in Education and Training in just 4 days and have your certificate in your hands by the end of it, contact Amanda on 07865 611202 or  
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